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Can anyone help me find the original of THIS photo? My phone nuked all my photos in a backup. Heeeeeelp.


The planets, aligned.

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Video chats connect language students with native seniors looking for conversation

Online education is booming thanks to platforms such as Khan Academy, YouTube tutorials and even educational video games such as Koe, which recently crowdfunded on Kickstarter. However, language-learning especially is a skill that’s best acquired by speaking one-on-one with natives on a regular basis. Aiming to facilitate this, a new service in Brazil called Speaking Exchange is enabling students to practise their English through video chats with US seniors in retirement homes, who benefit from regular conversation. READ MORE…

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  • Android user: My Galaxy S5 has 16 gb of RAM and a 16 megapixel camera. What does your shitty iPhone have?
  • iPhone user: Emojis
  • Android user: damn :/

Question: Did I take this photo?
I think… maybe? I can’t fucking keep track of this shit anymore. lol. My camera needs a watermark inside the lens. 

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Best banner at the World Cup so far

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Slightly educational clothes from the kids section. cheap+great fit!


Hvis deg ikke vet meg da du vil ikke vite at jeg elsker en musikk gruppe, The Wombats. Jeg har sett dem tretti ganger i konsert. Jup! Veldig elsker!

The Wombats har en konkurranse på instagram, bare for moro. Konkurransen er å ta en bilde av deg selv som The Wombats.


(Hvis jeg hadde…

For anyone who speaks some Norwegian, I am writing a blog in Norwegian now as I learn it. Follow me. I’m lonely over there. Norskforfaen - I could use some questions over there as well. You can ask me anything you want. Even questions in English will be answered (in Norwegian of course) I need challenges over there so I don’t get bored of it and give up.

Anyhoo - check it out. 

Tusen takk!


Orange Warsaw Festival 2014 - The Wombats

New song is at 18:30




we’re already home

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